Hi Everyone...Welcome to my Emporium. We are a loosly organized group of cat
advocates, rescuers, and of course, a few crazy cat ladies.

Our goal is to improve the lives of feral or "stray" cats. We do this by first
trapping them. Then, after after a medical check-up, vacines, and spay or neuter,
we evaluate each individual to see if he or she is likely to make a good pet.
Those who we think will, are housed here while we await permanent homes.
Those cats who are not socialized to humans are returned to where they came from,
once we can confirm that someone is available to feed them.

So if you are in the market for a cat or kitten, please browse our galleries and see
if any of our felines stikes your interest. If they do, please visit our adoption page.

Oh, the sign. Well, if you adopt a cat(s) you'll probably stay home more while driving less.
Plus, pet guardianship has proven to improve a person's health.
You stay healthy, more resorces for others.
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